Year 9

Students in Year 9 continue to study English, Mathematics, Science, PE, ICT , Spanish and Religious Studies. In addition, all learners will be required to study either History or Geography in the Humanities area. This will ensure that all learners have the opportunity, should they wish, to continue with these subjects at KS4 (starting in Year 10).

To ensure that learners have both choice and are prepared for the pathways they may pursue at KS4, all learners will be able to opt for an option A and option B pathway in Year 9. Each option is a competency based series of projects based around groups of complementary subjects. Each option group has been carefully designed to ensure that the subjects working together relate to each other promoting routes into higher education and employment. All pathways develop learner’s competencies by challenging them to work in a way that combines subject knowledge through a project based approach. Although these option pathways are not designed to deliver formal qualifications they are designed to form a foundation for future study. The subject knowledge gained will allow learners to make more informed qualification and career choices whilst the competencies developed will promote life long learning.

Running alongside these options will be a literacy and numeracy booster programme. This will allow learners to increase their literacy and numeracy over the course of a term by receiving intensive personalised support if required. Learners accessing the booster programme would drop out of one or in some cases both options for a term allowing them to re-join the option at the start of the next project.