English is invaluable for your future no matter what you are aiming for. A good

command of the spoken and written word will help you every day , and benefit

all your other GCSEs too.

Whatever you end up doing, English is a must!


What will I study?

You will study the use of language in both spoken and written communication and will identify these skills to communicate effectively in your own speech and writing.


What skills will I develop?

We will endeavour to make you a confident reader, writer and speaker enabling you to gain the skills to become successful user of the language in both everyday life and in your future careers. This course allows you to demonstrate your ability to use English functionally; to investigate and analyse language and to experiment and use language creatively.


How will this course be assessed?

The course is assessed through examination only. This course requires you to complete two exams worth 50% each which will be sat at the end of Year 11. The exam will assess your ability to read and analyse texts to show your ability to retrieve key information and for your ability to analyse how writers use language to create effect. You will then be asked to write your own creative responses from a brief or image provided.

Speaking and listening is examined through a ten minute presentation.


What other courses could I progress onto after completing this course?

Achieving in this subject will allow you to go on to study any A level or level 2 qualification.


What careers can a qualification in this course lead to?

As this is an academic qualification, it opens up any door to any career. Having the ability to use the English language confidently will make you an extremely valuable member of any organisation. Common careers for those that extend their studies in English language include working in: journalism, law, education, marketing, teaching, PR and in the media.


Examining board: AQA

Course outcome:

GCSE Grades 9-1

Speaking & listening grades – pass, merit, distinction