Health & Social Care

Why study this subject?

Health and Social Care is all about human development ‐ how we develop and the impact our family, friends and relationships have on who we are.

Interested? Then this is the course for you! Study a subject that is relevant to your life and experiences and will give you an insight into the health, social care and early years’ services. This course leads to a variety of career options such as; nursing, teaching, physiotherapy, midwifery, care assistant, special needs assistant, youth worker, psychologist, lab technician, social worker and many more.


What will I study?

You will study 3 units:

Improving the well-being of an individual

Promoting healthy living

Development through the life stages


This will include producing, implementing and reviewing a plan to change lifestyle choices of an individual, creating your own health promotion campaign and then sitting an external exam focusing on the development through the life stages. This will include factors affecting developing, relationships and life events.


What skills will I develop?

This course will provide you with a solid understanding of health and social care that will have developed a range of practical skills that can be applied when working in the health and social care sector. Skills such as taking measurements (blood pressure), planning for behaviour change including using SMART targets, communication skills that can be used when working with clients and critical analysis and evaluative skills such as decision making and problem solving.


How will I be assessed?

You will complete 3 units of work. This will include one external examination and two portfolios of work.




Examining board: AQA

Course outcome: Level 1/2 Technical Award Grades Distinction* – Pass