Fine Art

This GCSE is a practical course which allows you to work creatively with a variety of media and techniques, including 3D work, drawing and digital media.

Learners investigate Art and Design through project based work where they will be encouraged to make an individual response.


What will I study?

Learners will work from a shared brief and will then develop individual responses to each brief using different media. The course enables learners the freedom to explore and refine their interests and focus their skills. There will be opportunities for visiting art galleries and the possibility of taking part in artist in residence projects.

What skills will I develop?

Learners will develop their observational drawing skills as well as working in a variety of media, including 3D and digital media. They will have opportunity to express themselves creatively and logically, investigating ideas in new and interesting ways. Learners will develop skills in time management, joined up thinking and team work.

What qualifications (if any) will I need to progress onto this course?

A real interest in Art and Design and a desire to be experimental and creative are essential.


What skills do I need to be successful?

You need to have basic drawing skills and an interest in working creatively. You need to be open minded and not afraid of trying new things.


How will this course be assessed?

The course is assessed in two parts. Firstly, a course work portfolio (containing more than 1 project). Secondly an externally set practical project which will be completed under examination conditions.


What other courses could I progress onto after completing?

This course will allow learners to progress to Post 16 (level 2 or 3) Art and Design courses. Learners could then continue on to degree level in art and design, fashion, textiles, interior design, surface design, graphic design, photography etc.


What careers can a qualification in this course lead to?

This may lead to a career in graphic design, interior design, textiles design, retail purchasing, art, media, teaching or a variety of other creative fields. Art and Design is seen as a valuable qualification across a broad range of unrelated sectors due to the creative thinking and problem solving skills set that it teaches.