In Year 9 learners undertake Arts Award Bronze.  This course is designed to promote engagement and involvement in The Arts above all else.  Learners can work at an appropriate pace and complete tasks as necessary to their individual needs.

Term 1, 2 & 3
Key Learning Objectives Part A

Explore the arts as a participant.  Make artwork (including gathering of primary/secondary sources).

Keep a journal (including description of the art activity you are going to participate in, information on how your skills develop, what you enjoy and what you have learnt).

Part B

Explore the arts as an audience member (VISIT THE HEPWORTH). Visit a gallery; collect some evidence of your visit.   Personal reflections on the visit (what did you enjoy etc).   Take part in class discussion, sharing personal reflections.

Part C

Arts inspiration. Critical study

(Say why you chose this work, images of the artist’s work, research into their life and career, analysis of the work through drawing).

Part D

Arts skills share – passing on arts to others. Plan a skills sharing session, including explanation of why you chose to share this skill. Evidence of doing the skills share. Reflection on how it went

Key Activities / Homework Part C

Arts inspiration, research an artist of your choice and create a visual biography

Assessments Assessed against criteria set by the awarding body
Suggest reading & support materials