Performing Arts

Why study this subject?

Performing Arts offers a variety of transferable skills which are extremely important in many future careers. Vital skills such as confidence, communication and leadership are developed throughout this course. For more information on the importance of skills such as being creative you only have to look at the manufacturer of your smart phone or simply ‘Google’ to see how two of the most successful companies have creativity at their core. All of these skills are highly valued by potential colleges, Post 16 centres and employers.


What will I study?

The BTEC Performing Arts course consists of practical units of work that showcase your skills in either Dance or Drama. Working as an individual or as part of a group you will create a variety of ‘mini productions/choreographed routines’ that will be presented for your peers and for other target audiences of your choice. During this course you will also have the opportunity to learn and undertake production roles such as hair and make-up design, costume, lighting or sound.


What qualifications will I need to progress onto this course?

A level of ‘secure’ or above at KS3 Performing Arts would be an advantage. However, learners who have demonstrated a particular talent for dance and/or drama through school productions and/or outsides groups would be considered. Enthusiasm, energy, and an interest in performing work to an audience is essential.


What skills will I need to develop?

The study of Performing Arts contributes to a learner’s aesthetic and social development. As a performer, you will develop self and body awareness as well as sensitivity to others and team working skills. You will develop problem‐solving skills. In directing or working with others, you will develop your interpersonal, leadership and communication skills. Viewing professional performance will broaden your cultural and artistic experience. In addition to helping learners acquire subject knowledge of the Performance Arts, the course promotes a healthy lifestyle.


 hat careers can a qualification in this course lead to?

The course helps prepare you for many different careers because the ability to work well with others and have confidence are both key skills for life. Studying Performing Arts will help prepare you for jobs in the leisure industry including work in the theatre. However, the skills developed throughout the course are also those necessary for working in the public services, teaching profession and many other jobs that require working with others as a core skill.


What other courses could I progress onto after completing?

This course provides a strong foundation to further Level 3 courses in Dance and/or Drama including BTEC and A‐level. Previous learners have also accessed Higher Education in Acting, Dance, Law, Primary and Secondary Education and PE.


How will this course be assessed?

All units are assessed, graded and an overall grade for the qualification is awarded by your subject teacher. Two of the units are assessed internally and one unit is assessed externally. You will produce evidence to show you have met the criteria at Pass, Merit or Distinction level. This will be a mixture of practical and written work.