This GCSE course allows you to develop your language skills. It is a flexible course which will allow you to maximise achievement. If you enjoy communication and travel this course will be useful. Some universities require applicants to have a GCSE in a Modern Foreign Language.


What will I study?

You will be taught in Spanish how to:

  • use Spanish in a widening range of real life situations
  • use a widening range of vocabulary and structures, including some unfamiliar language;
  • understand issues and opinions;
  • discuss issues and give opinions;
  • give full descriptions and accounts.

What skills will I develop?

You will develop your ability to speak, listen read and write in Spanish.


What skills will I need to be successful?

You need to be curious about Spanish culture and language. Be persistent and unafraid to make mistakes. You need to think outside the box – There’s a lot of uncertainty when learning a new language. You’re going to encounter new vocabulary daily, and each grammar rule has a dialectic exception or irregular verb. You will be using all your learning muscles especially – Perseverance, Resilience and Resourcefulness


How will this course be assessed?

This course is an external assessment, one for each skill, at the end of Year 11. Your course will involve different units on the following: speaking; listening; reading; and writing.


What careers can a qualification in this course lead to?

Spanish is a highly desirable qualification for university entry and those wishing to pursue a career working at home or abroad.


What other courses could I progress onto after completing?

A level Spanish, and from there, a Spanish degree.