Art, Design and Technology

 The ADT area will provide all learners with the opportunity to enjoy and realise success through the expression of creative, practical, technical and artistic skills. It is our aim to break barriers between traditional subject areas encouraging creativity and supporting diversity with the outcomes being innovation and motivated independent learning.

The ADT area will be a rich environment with the core beliefs that creativity enriches life and formal education is the start of life long learning; as a result opportunities for enrichment, development and support will be available to both students and staff at all levels.

 Links will be created with the whole school curriculum to enhance positive learning experiences as well as a greater understanding of how curriculum areas interrelate, with the aim of promoting independent thought and ultimately learning.

 Learners will develop an understanding of modern British society as well as other cultures through the references to industrial, technological, creative and artistic heritage and current developments. An understanding of the environmental impact of technology and global economies will reinforce this understanding in a modern and progressive context.

 The ADT enrichment programme will give all learners opportunities to consolidate and expand understanding through curriculum support sessions and activities designed to promote innovation and enterprise.

Please refer to the clubs and societies section for details of the many activities on offer for students.