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Franklin House


Miss Shepherd



I am Miss Shepherd and I am Head of Franklin House.

I am also Strategic Leader for Dance at Bradford Academy and teach within Performing Arts.

This is my 8th year at Bradford Academy and over the years I have seen the house system grow and develop. The biggest and most recent development was moving from four houses to six, this was the point in which I became a Head of House. Initially the new houses were just referred to by their colours, mine being ‘Orange House’ due to our unmistakable orange ties!

It was through the house naming process that we developed our new identity. We were to be known as Franklin House. We are proudly named after British chemist Rosalind Franklin who is best known for her role in the discovery of the structure of DNA, and for her pioneering use of X-ray diffraction.


From this we developed our logo and our Franklin motto ‘It’s in our DNA…’. With this in mind, Franklin learners know they can achieve anything; they can reach for their goals and follow their aspirations.

I am so proud to lead Franklin house. The learners in this house demonstrate a great sense of community. Franklin learners are very proud and strive to achieve their best. They uphold the highest of expectations, always ensuring their uniforms are smart and that they are fully prepared for learning. Franklin learners recognise the importance of attendance and punctuality, seeing everyday as an opportunity to progress and achieve.

Franklin House is divided into smaller home teams, each including learners of all different age groups. These home teams develop a ‘family’ like feel, one where learners are supportive, respectful and understanding of each other. Each home team has their own Learning Guide, and I definitely lead a fantastic team of Learning Guides within Franklin House. These are the key adults in the learners academic lives during their time at Bradford Academy. They are there to offer support and guidance throughout their school journey.

Franklin 2

Overall, the house system encompasses many aspects of a learner’s life at the academy; house competition, rewards and sports to name just a few. My aim is to guide Franklin House to be the best it can be and become house champions!

We had an excellent first year and were awarded many accolades at the most recent annual awards evening, Night of a Thousand Stars. We were joint second overall in our first attempt to become House champions with extremely close final standings. A very small gain in Attendance or Sports Day would have resulted in us being first.

Please see our full list of honours below;

Franklin Honours

1st – House Competition – We led from the start of the year all the way to the end!

2nd – VIVO Rewards

2nd – Attendance

3rd – Sport Day

1st – Staff Sports Day Competition (Yes the Franklin staff team are as brilliant as the learners)

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