Hawking House

Hawking House- Director of Hawking House- Katie Matthews

Hawking House was named after a man renowned for his work his in the field of Physics and Mathematics. Stephen Hawking has worked hard to ensure that being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has not held him back from achieving his goals. In Hawking House we use this lesson to ensure that we put our best in to everything we do to ensure we all have high aspirations and do everything we can to meet them.

When asked to describe how we should build our House learners came up with the following:

Learners in Hawking House believe in themselves and others and ensure they create a positive environment around them. Everyone in Hawking House is respectful to one another as we aim to build a strong feeling of ‘family’ within our House community.


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is a key focus in Hawking House as we aim to develop the whole child in to becoming the best person we can be. Faith is a prominent part of the House with all learners encouraged to celebrate their faith in weekly home team sessions and assemblies.

We have an excellent team of Learning Guides in Hawking House who are the key adults in each learners academic life and have shown an ability to care for their home team with standards remaining high at all times. All Hawking House learning guides are excellent leaders and demonstrate enthusiasm for success at all times.

Our aim every year will be to become House Champions at the Night of a Thousand Stars. Last year we came away with the House Vivo trophy thanks to our learners amazing effort around school throughout the year being acknowledged by their teachers from start to finish. We led from the start of the year and didn’t lose our grip on the lead once. We were joint second in our first attempt to become House champions with extremely close final standings. A tiny gain in Attendance, Competition or Sports and we would have been first. Hawking House learners and staff always look to make the best improvements possible so we are confident in our ability to become House champions this year.