Malala House

Malala House- Director of Malala House- Jacqueline Trottier

The House System is a wonderful idea where learners are part of a ‘home team’ and these are all part of one House. Our House is like our extended school family we are close, respectful and proud of each other. We treasure each and every member of Malala House (our learners wear gold ties, please pardon the pun!) Gold is a great colour because it represents winning! We succeed in the challenges we set ourselves whether that be to achieve our target levels, win rugby or be a shining example.

Learners in Malala House wear gold ties with pride, we come to school prepared to learn and make progress, we conduct ourselves with pride and demonstrate positive behaviour in lessons and around school.

As Head of House I lead a team of devoted learning guides and assistants to ensure that all of our learners are known, valued and understood and that the learners in their home teams make progress at Bradford Academy. I always have time for Malala House learners, I enjoy seeing learners engaged and interested in lessons and in home team, I value the relationships built between learning guides and their learners. I look forward to seeing Malala House as a whole community during assemblies.

Malala learners are welcoming and polite to each other. I enjoy seeing Malala learners progress, achieve and show pride in this progress.

Presence, punctuality and preparation are important in Malala House. Every school day is a chance to progress and arriving to school and lessons on time is an important part of this too.

Malala House learners enjoy receiving rewards, we ask for VIVOs and look forward to trips for excellent attendance, progress and behaviour.