Pankhurst House

Director of Pankhurst House- Curtis Brennan

In Pankhurst House we believe in ourselves, we fight for our right to be heard and we strive to influence our world for the better. In just one year we have created our own identity that optimises our original aims and vision. Alongside a talented team of learning guides it has given me enormous pleasure to lead Pankhurst House from the unknown to eventual House Champions. In just one year we have built a legacy and community to be enormously proud of.

Learner progress is at the forefront of our aims, with a non-negotiable belief that all learners can achieve. Learners have a strong voice to influence the Pankhurst House family. Pankhurst House members carry themselves with a sense of pride and are polite and well-mannered to all those around them.

Pankhurst House members enjoy fun and engaging assemblies that celebrate success (#PankhurstPower) and inform individuals to be worldly, ambitious, tolerant, competitive, resilient, caring and above all believe in themselves.

Pankhurst House boast the most incredible learning guides who are highly skilled and devoted to promote Pankhurst House values. We work together every day to ensure every learner reaches their potential and more. Learning guides are at the centre of learner progress and have made close bonds with both parents and learners. Pankhurst home team sessions are fun, within controlled classroom environments where members are encouraged to get involved in House activities whilst taking control of their own achievement and pathways.

We look forward to the New Year with ambition and hope.

Pankhurst Honours

House Champions 2014/15

Attendance 1st Place

Sports Day 1st Place

Vivo 3rd Place

House Competition 2nd Place

Thanks & remember ‘Believe’.