Tutu House

Archbishop Tutu House- Director of Tutu House- Matt Todd

Archbishop Tutu House is named after a South African social rights activist. This means that he stood up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves and gave a voice to those who couldn’t speak. Archbishop Tutu played a key role in the equality of black people in South Africa and for the oppressed. He also works closely with charities that fight against atrocities such as: racism, sexism, poverty, disease and homophobia. Tutu is never afraid to speak out and always puts other people before himself.

Learners in Archbishop Tutu House are encouraged to follow the same morals and ethics held by Archbishop Tutu; helping each other out and resecting everyone regardless of colour, race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality. Learners in Tutu work hard to achieve their goals and help other to achieve theirs no matter what they are.

Our house therefore follows this mantra:


A house where we trust each other, support each other and help each other out


A unified approach to all aspects of school life. We work hard, compete hard and we are proud of our house


Is the key to success. No one is greater than anyone else. Together we are better.


No house WILL be better than ours. We are proud of this house; from Heads of House to learning guides to learners. We should all contribute to our success.

We have an excellent team of learning guides who support all learners and help them to reach their potential. We understand that winning isn’t solely about receiving a trophy (although they are nice) but rather doing better than you have ever done before. Progress is the key to success.