Wilberforce House

Hello there, my name is Jon Harrison and I am Head of Wilberforce House.JHN

We believe in ourselves and perform everything we do with dignity. Purple is our house colour, it is a wonderful colour in that has echoed throughout history as a representation of royalty and piety so it is natural that only the highest standards are accepted in my house. Purple is a colour favoured by those who see things from both sides and are fair. Politicians use purple because it is not too cold nor does it appear too feisty either and that is our house, we focus on the love aspect on why we do things. We will always look out for each other, love one another and support each other. Learners in Wilberforce House conduct themselves in a way that makes their parents, their learning guides and their teachers proud of them. They know their target grades for each subject and how to get there with their flight path.

We are Wilberforce House named after the politician, William Wilberforce. His greatest political achievement was his long fight to end Britain’s involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. He used his position as a spokesperson for the Abolition Movement and was the first Member or Parliament to raise the issue in the House of Commons.


Wilberforce also devoted himself to other causes and campaigns such as the limiting of the hours children should work. He also fought for prison reforms, and  was passionate about policing, education, healthcare and gambling. He appealed for amendments to the Poor Law (to improve the conditions for the poor) and in 1796 became a founding member of the ‘Society for the Bettering Condition and Increasing Comforts of the Poor’. This organisation worked to reform Parish Relief and Workhouses for the poor and improve their general living conditions. Wilberforce was also one of the founding members of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). He was also instrumental in forming the Proclamation Society which was dedicated to promoting virtue in public life. It is estimated that almost 70 separate causes were significantly advanced by Wilberforce’s involvement. Although he enjoyed a successful political career, Wilberforce put his many achievements down to ‘God’s will’ rather than his own merits. A humble and great man everyone in Wilberforce House aspires to be like this man.