Pathways for 2019

Pathways Information

Bradford Academy run a curriculum model that includes a three year Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 & 11). This means that learners in Year 8 will have the opportunity to choose their Pathways in spring 2019 , and start their three year Key Stage 4 programme of study in September 2019.

Learners will continue to study English, Maths, Science, Spanish, PSHE, RE and Core PE and will be asked to choose either Geography or History. They will also be asked to make two “free” option choices.

The qualifications will include a broad selection of subjects covering both academic and vocational courses. This is an opportunity for learners to specialise in fields of study that will help them with their intended future destinations.

At Bradford Academy we review our curriculum offer every year in order to ensure that learners have access to a broad range of relevant and highly regarded national qualifications. We carefully put together a suite of qualifications that both match the aspirations and interests of our learners whilst ensuring progression routes into higher education and employment.

On Thursday 7 February  2019 – Pathways Day-  learners will have the opportunity to experience four one hour taster sessions in the option subjects that they have expressed a preference for. Please click here to view the Pathways Day Taster Information booklet. From 4pm until 7pm on this day learners can return to school with their parents/carers to hear more information on all the subjects on offer at Key Stage 4 so they are able to make a fully informed choice.  Click here to view the invite letter to this event.

In the subsequent weeks following these events learners will be sent an email to their school email address with a link for them to complete the Options Online form to make their final choices – further details of this will follow.

If you have any questions of concerns regarding options please email:

Please see the attached for a summary for parents/carers regarding the changes to the grades for GCSEs.