Vivo Awards



At Bradford Academy learners are rewarded with Vivos. These can be collected throughout the learner’s entire journey at Bradford Academy and can be traded in for rewards on the Vivo website. Click here to visit the VivoEdge website and monitor how many Vivos your child has earned so far:

Learners can be rewarded in a variety of categories:



Excellent Effort – 3 Vivos

Excellent Work – 3 Vivos

Significant Progress – 5 Vivos

Rituals – 2 Vivos


Around the Academy

Community Contribution – 2 Vivos

Student Leadership – 3 Vivos

Positive Attitude – 1 Vivo

Attends Electives – 3 Vivo


Vivos make up a large part of the House Championship at the annual Night of a Thousand Stars. We recognise the learners who have earned the most Vivos in each House as well as the House who have gained the most Vivos over the course of the Academic year.

Last Year’s Top Earners

Franklin – Lewis Gray

Hawking – Jade Sellers

Malala – Femi Labad

Pankhurst – Maha Mughis

Tutu – Asad Zubair

Wilberforce – Manraj Kaur


Last Year’s House Standings

1st – Hawking

2nd – Franklin

3rd – Pankhurst

4th – Malala

5th – Tutu

6th – Wilberforce