Year 9 Options

We know that in this academic year learners in Year 9 have some important decisions to make. The careers team at Bradford Academy are here to help guide, inform and facilitate the next steps for those learners and below are some key messages to assist in learners in making those decisions.

At the end of this academic year, learners in Year 9 will leave Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) and move into Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). As part of this process they will be asked to choose their options (additional subjects in which they will receive a qualification in at end of Year 11). Alongside the core subjects, they will have the opportunity to choose some of the subjects they wish to study. Here at Bradford Academy, we offer a wide range of GSCEs and vocational subjects to choose from ensuring all learners have the chance to study something they enjoy, and can succeed in.

In KS4 learners study the core subjects of English (Language & Literature), Mathematics, Science, Religious Studies, PSHE, Physical Education and either History or Geography. 

They will also be able to choose a further two subjects from the options subjects listed below. Learners who achieve good progress and attainment in Religious Studies may have the opportunity to have their work certified. All other subjects, with the exception of PSHE and PE, are accredited with nationally recognised qualifications.

Selecting optional subjects at KS4 is a crucial moment in your child’s education. We aim to ensure that the information and guidance we provide will support your child through the options process and ensure that their choices are fully informed and lead to them maximising their potential. This has already been taking place in PSHE lessons, and through virtual assemblies. As a parent you are well placed to help and guide your child in making these decisions. Click on the link below to access “The Parents Guide to helping your child to know what’s next” which is full of useful information on options, university, apprenticeships and much more.

Please be aware that whilst we hope to run all of the option courses shown below , they will only run subject to demand. In the instance we are not able to run the particular option a learner has chosen they will be offered their reserve choice. It is therefore extremely important they give careful consideration to both their actual choice and their reserve choices.

Options Online

All learners have now had the chance to complete their options forms and indicate which subjects they would like to study in Key Stage 4. Over the next few weeks we will issue learners with a checking slip to ensure they are happy with the choices before writing to parents and learners to confirm their allocated subjects.

Option Subjects

Alongside their core subjects, learners will be able to study two of the following option subjects. They will need to make a first choice and a reserve choice from Option Block A and Option Block B.  Every effort will be made to allocate learners their first choices however, subjects will only run where there is demand for them therefore it is vital that careful consideration is also given to the reserve choices. In addition learners will need indicate a preference for either History or Geography.

Please be aware that some of the subjects are available to choose in either Block A or Block B, so learners should look carefully at the subjects available in each block and choose carefully to ensure they can opt for both of the subjects they would like to study. Please also note that some subjects (Computing & Triple Science) are only available to those learners who have shown an exceptional aptitude for computing and/or, the sciences and mathematics over the course of KS3. Mr O’Halloran and Mr Turner will speak directly to those learners that this includes.

Option Block A

Option Block B

We trust you have found the information contained within this page supportive at what is a very important, life shaping time for your child. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Taylor— Careers Leader & Progressions Manager by email: and she will be more than happy to help.

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