Bradford Academy Attendance

How can parents support their child’s attendance?

Ensure your child attends school every day

Please contact the school on the first day of absence

Try to make dental and medical appointments outside of school time where possible

Take family holidays during school holidays

Try to attend parent’s evenings and school events.

Contact the school if you have any concerns and speak to our attendance team

How do we support your child’s attendance?

Our attendance team look to support parents achieve a positive attitude to attendance.

We look at ways to support families and learners achieve their potential and understand issues that may affect attendance

We work together as a team to make a positive difference to our learners.

We make time for our community

Attendance is an important skill we will use throughout our lives. Pupils who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than those who don’t. We at Bradford Academy look to embed a positive attitude towards attendance from the start. We ask parents and carers to support us with this.

We look to prevent absences, support positive attendance and respond to issues that contribute to poor school engagement 

What to do if my child is ill?

Contact school on 01274 256789

What if my child has an issue in school and they won’t attend?

We can only support with resolving an issue if the child attends school, speak to our attendance team for help and support – we are based in the office in the forum.

Can I take holidays in term time?

No, we ask all holidays are taken within the allocated school holidays. A penalty notice will be issued per child, per parent if this happens.

Would I get fine if my child has days off?

A penalty notice can be issued if a child has more than 5 days off within a 6 week period.

I need help to get my child to school?

Contact the attendance team for support and strategies to encourage good attendance and help with referrals

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