Appeals and Autumn Exams

Any student who would like to improve their grades will have the opportunity to take the full suite of GCSE’s and some Vocational Subjects in October & November. You also have the opportunity to re-sit in Summer 2021. If you choose to do this, both grades will stand and the highest grade can be used for progression.

Ofqual has confirmed that appeals will only be allowed where a school believes it has made an error when submitting its Centre Assessment Grades or Rank Orders.

Pease contact the school in the first instance who will check the Centre Assessed Grade was entered correctly.

Bias and Discrimination

A student with concerns about bias, discrimination, or any other reason why a school didn’t fairly assign a grade or ranking, should raise this with school in the first instance.

Students cannot directly appeal directly to Exam Boards. Appeals must be authorised by the Head of Centre. Student’s written consent will be required in order for to log an appeal on your behalf.

It is advisable that if school does log an appeal on your behalf, you are still entered to re-sit the exam in the Autumn Series. This is because of the tight timelines for the Autumn series entry and the turnaround time required for an appeal.

JCQ Candidate Consent Form Appeals June 2020

Please refer to the Guidance on Ofqual for how grades were calculated this summer.

Autumn Exams

Students have the option to re-sit GCSE and some Vocational Subjects in the Autumn Series. Students are not required to pay for re-sits and this will be covered by the school you are sitting the exam with. Please refer to the document Intention to sit Autumn Exam – GCSE for further information, as well as deadline dates. Please return this document using the paths indicated in the letter.

Intention to Sit Autumn Exam - GCSE

Centre Assessed Grades and Ranking Requests

If you are wanting to request to see your Centre Assessed Grades you will need to fill out the form below.

You will receive a response as soon as possible but only after Monday 17th August and Monday 24th August to allow a cooling off period, unless you need them urgently.

If you want to request your Rank order you will need to email our Data Protection Officer and request a Student Access Request, all requests must come from the student themselves.

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