Jenny Tierney

Principal - Secondary

I qualified originally as an English and Drama teacher after spending time studying Irish literature in Dublin and performing as part of a theatre group. After experiencing middle leadership, I became an Advanced Skills Teacher and National Lead Practitioner for the SSAT. I started working at the Academy when we first opened and spent a year at the predecessor school as an AST before promotion into several areas including managing the house system and vertical tutor groups, staff training and leading whole school teaching and learning.

I am the Secondary Principal for the Academy and spend my time managing staff and monitoring the culture. I ensure that there is a shared strategic vision and a lot of my time considers the join between the different leadership areas and the identification of whole school priorities in our journey to outstanding.

My ambition for our students is that they realise that the limitations they may face with regards to unlocking their potential can be challenged and removed. With hard work and determination the possibilities are endless.

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