Steve Walker

Lead Practitioner for Humanities and Assistant Vice Principal for Teaching & Learning

I qualified as a History Teacher from York University in 1994 and as a result of having no ties and a friend having an available couch began my teaching career in Tottenham. My first 5 years in London helped to shape me as a person and more importantly as a teacher who would become a specialist in working in schools with challenging circumstances. My journey from NQT to AVP has all been in schools that could be described as spikey. Along the way I have had to deal with tear gas in a Maths cover lesson (a situation definitely not covered in my PGCE), meeting a yearly cast of vibrant students and colleagues from around the world and regularly feeling uplifted and downtrodden usually within the space of the same few minutes. As a member of SLT I am beginning to enjoy the ability to shape the ethos and direction of the Academy at a more strategic level. My passion for History remains and my commitment to teaching undiminished.

I am the Assistant Vice-Principal for Teaching and Learning. My main responsibilities are the management and development of pedagogy and practice, student voice, the reward system and managing the Academy’s team of 17 Lead Practitioners.

My ambitions for our students is that they are able to look back on their time at Bradford Academy as a happy one in which they were guided towards their dreams, allowed to indulge their passions and were challenged to be their best.

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