At Bradford Academy we aim to provide an inclusive and engaging learning experience for all regardless of circumstance. To do this we ensure that Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are identified at the earliest possible stage and that appropriate support is in place so that all learners can meet their full potential. This ethos can be seen across all areas of the school day, both during formal learning and informal events.

Our curriculum is fluid and modifiable so that each individual child can follow their own path of learning at their own pace. Children receive whole class teaching, small group work and one to one support as necessary. Their progress is monitored by both the class teacher, support assistants and the Senior Vice-Principal for inclusion to identify next steps and ensure that every child is receiving a quality education.  In order to do this we have built positive relationships with parents and carers which alongside the views of learners ensure that all needs are met effectively. We commission several specialists to support children including a speech and language therapist, educational psychologist and a counsellor.

At Bradford Academy we believe that having children from such a diverse range of backgrounds with differing needs is both a challenge and a benefit. The experience this brings for all our learners and staff help to create a positive and rich environment that benefits the wider community. Learners are well supported academically, socially and emotionally. This gives our learners the confidence to transition through the stages of their learning journey.

We follow the Early Years and National Curriculum to guide children’s learning ensuring that it is accessible and beneficial for all. Subject leaders work closely with teachers and support staff to ensure that the curriculum is adapted and refined so that every child achieves.

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Staff are well trained and regularly monitor children’s progress to ensure that they are engaged in activities that develop their skills and help them grow in confidence. Staff provide many and varied opportunities for children to develop their speech through careful questioning and a range of interesting activities. Children are safe and happy and play well together.

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