Learning a second language offers children a lifetime of opportunities both during and after their education. The Spanish curriculum encourages children to be confident, collaborative, good communicators and develops their ability to make links. Our aim is to deliver learners a well-rounded curriculum that supports their language learning, intercultural understanding, curriculum links and building learning powers (BLP).


The modern foreign languages (MFL) curriculum is delivered weekly to years 3-6 during a dedicated lesson. Planning and resources from La Jolie Ronde scheme are tailored to the meet the needs of every learner. Pupils will build up their knowledge and bank of vocabulary whilst being given the opportunities to use and apply Spanish in context. Spanish lessons also give children the opportunity to experience the cultures and customs of the countries they are exploring. These link to other curriculum areas and help develop the whole child, enhancing their language learning.


Research has found that children who study a foreign language tend to make better progress in maths, reading and vocabulary. Pupils are able to use and apply their BLP strategies during MFL lessons and it is an opportunity to develop performance skills. Other language lesson skills such as using dictionaries, researching from a range of sources, map work and presenting information are also having a positive impact on the wider key stage 2 curriculum. Overall, Spanish in KS2 is helping our learners consolidate and build on a range of transferrable skills which they can use throughout their education and beyond.


Each unit consists of objectives which are linked to the Key stage two framework which covers oracy, literacy and intercultural understanding. The lessons are based on a topic area and core vocabulary. Pupils are also supported through the process with language and learning strategies. Lessons are adapted to suit the needs of the class and often relate to their wider class topic. The Spanish curriculum spirals up through the year groups as it revisits topics and important vocabulary, each time it building on the previous learning. For example, the numbers 1-10 are taught in year 3 and used throughout the year, they are then recapped in year 4 before progressing on up to 20. The core skills and language are embedded and continually developed to ensure pupils have the opportunity to make progress.

Staff are well trained and regularly monitor children’s progress to ensure that they are engaged in activities that develop their skills and help them grow in confidence. Staff provide many and varied opportunities for children to develop their speech through careful questioning and a range of interesting activities. Children are safe and happy and play well together.

Ofsted 2017

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