Lunchtime & Meals


To provide the children with opportunities to be physically active and to provide opportunity for them to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Every day children can choose to take part in a number of areas, where equipment and ideas are provided for them to skip, play small games, play large games (sports), run 1K or more, or choose Free Play and make up their own games.

In addition to their lunch children have the opportunity to sample various fruit and vegetables from our very popular ‘Taster Table’.

Children on school dinners and packed lunches are rewarded with bronze team tokens for making healthy choices at lunchtime.


Lunchtimes are a beacon of positive interactions and play. The children are actively choosing to eat a wider variety of fruit and vegetables.



Policy and Assessment


Staff are well trained and regularly monitor children’s progress to ensure that they are engaged in activities that develop their skills and help them grow in confidence. Staff provide many and varied opportunities for children to develop their speech through careful questioning and a range of interesting activities. Children are safe and happy and play well together.

Ofsted 2017

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