Our Curriculum Intent Statement

The fundamental aim of the Drama Department at Bradford Academy is to develop individuality; to encourage learners to think and express themselves with flair and confidence, but also to encourage tolerance and understanding. We believe that Drama gives young people the opportunities to reflect on the world around them and develop their social, reflective and communicative skills as well as gain a practical understanding of how to engage an audience. Drama can be used as a powerful educational tool and theatre and movement have always been central to the development of a community’s identity and how individuals respond to each other. With this central philosophy in mind we have built a dynamic and successful department where our learners feel empowered and liberated. We firmly believe in creating an environment where all learners feel safe to take risks with their work. Learners are given opportunities through practical role-play and written drama activities to experience the world around them and begin to appreciate situations from more than one perspective.  Through drama, we encourage learners to question, challenge and ultimately change their perception of the world in which they live.  Extra-curricular opportunities build upon this tradition and range from showcasing of classwork to taking part in the National Shakespeare Festival.

Staff at all levels across the Academy feel genuinely supported and feel grateful to work in a high-trust environment where they will readily take risks. This impacts on the quality of learning and teaching thus enhancing student learning experiences.

University College London Institute of Education – Platinum Award report

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