Academic Clinics

Our afterschool/breakfast program bring a wide range of benefits to young people, families and communities. Our afterschool/breakfast program helps to boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviours, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for the children of working parents.

Our enrichment program is creative and engaging and caters for a wide range of interests. Our academic program is purposeful and has a real impact on the progress that our learners make.

Staff at all levels across the Academy feel genuinely supported and feel grateful to work in a high-trust environment where they will readily take risks. This impacts on the quality of learning and teaching thus enhancing student learning experiences.

University College London Institute of Education – Platinum Award report

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We have a number of exciting opportunities in Technology, Science, MFL, Maths, English, Geography, Humanities, Religious Studies, Alternative Provision, Key Stage 2 & LAs. Join us for our Recruitment Evening on Wednesday 26th February (4-6pm).

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