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Online Learning for Students Studying From Home

*Students currently working from home should access all of their online learning using Microsoft Teams*

Information for parents and secondary students:

During school closures, students who are at home but are not unwell will be expected to complete their learning online. The learning set by teachers follows the curriculum as closely as possible as though they were in school. Students will access online lessons (not live), complete and submit work, and receive feedback from their teachers while they are at home. The lessons are uploaded each day or week, depending on how frequent the subject appears on the timetable. Students should endeavour to complete 5 hours of learning each day, and follow their actual timetable as closely as possible. Where possible, the class teacher will be available during that timetabled slot to help students with work via Teams.

If students have difficulty accessing online materials, they should contact school and we will arrange for the lending of devices where possible or we will provide a paper based work pack to complete instead. This should be brought back with them on their return to school.  Heads of Year and Pastoral Workers will contact students throughout their time away from school to check and support their access to work.

The majority of our virtual learning will take place using Microsoft Teams. This is available to all students through our Learning Gateway. Students can log in to it here:

Students can also download the Microsoft Teams app to their mobile devices and access resources there. They should log in using their school credentials.

Below are two videos to help students (and parents) find and access our Virtual School through their computers at home.

Teachers and students can use either email or Teams to communicate about work. The videos below shows how to access email, and attach documents to send to teaching staff.

What will be on Teams?

Teachers will post ‘assignments’ for each lesson. These may include documents to read/follow or edit, videos or voice overs, links to GCSE pod or Oak National Academy and other websites appropriate for that subject. Tasks will be explained and teachers will make clear how work should be submitted.

If you scan this QR code with your device it will take you to the Teams app in your app store so that you can download it to your device.

Below are two videos to help students (and parents) find and access our Virtual School through their computers at home.

Teachers and students can use either email or Teams to communicate about work. The videos below shows how to access email, and attach documents to send to teaching staff.


During the autumn term, to help students become familiar with this way of working, subjects have been setting homework using our online systems. Teams and email will be used to send and collect the majority of homework. If a student cannot access this, paper based homework will be supplied. It is an expectation that homework is completed to a high standard and by the deadline set by the teacher. Rewards are available for high quality homework, and detentions are issued for missed deadlines.

Helping your child with working from home

We expect that secondary students spend around 5 hours a day on their school work. They should follow their usual timetable as much as possible, which has 5 lessons per day. We expect them to complete all tasks to the best of their ability as they would in the classroom. We also expect students to submit their work to their teachers adhering the the deadlines set.

Please ensure that your child has the equipment they need to complete their work e.g pen and paper, access to the internet and a quiet place to work away from distractions. Should you need help with equipment please contact school.

To help them manage their time and remain healthy try to set a daily routine that means they get up before 9am and eat regular balanced meals. Limit their access to social media during the day as we do in school.


Each day, teachers will check-in online with their classes to see who has ‘viewed’ and engaged with their assignments or submitted work. Teachers will inform Heads of Year if students are not engaging with the online work, and a phone call will be made to offer advice and support. Rewards are available for students who are engaging well with their work.

Assessment and Feedback

Submitted work will be checked by class teachers and feedback will be provided in accordance with the subject’s assessment policy.  Roughly there are 2 formative assessments per half term and a summative assessment twice each year. Teachers will offer more frequent feedback for the work submitted on Teams. Assessment may take the form of quizzes, tasks, or through digital platforms such as GCSEpod or Hegarty Maths. If students need help with their work they should use Teams to message their teacher. They can use Teams to ask questions or discuss the work set.

Students with additional needs

We recognise that some students will struggle to access online provision independently. Along with class teachers, our SEND team will ensure that appropriate resources are available for students who need them. These may be provided online, or may be sent home as paper-based work, depending on need. If your child has additional learning needs and is struggling to complete the work, please contact school and we will endeavour to modify as necessary. Some students will be invited in to school to access our on-site provision.

Self – isolating students

If students are self-isolating but the school is open to all, they should still use Teams to access their work as above. In this instance lessons may not be pre-recorded as staff will be teaching students in school, but the lessons and resources will still be available in the Virtual School folder for the lessons taking place. The lessons in the Virtual School folder will be labelled and dated so that students can access the appropriate lessons and submit their work to the teacher for feedback.

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