Holly Jowett

Senior Assistant Vice Principal

I graduated from Bradford College in July 2012 and secured a teaching role at Bradford Academy as an NQT. I have taught in all Key Stages (including EYFS) but most recently in Year 5 and 6. In 2015 I became Literacy Coordinator and in 2018 I progressed to Senior Assistant Vice Principal, responsible for English, Topic and child led learning.

I am the Senior Assistant Vice Principal for Bradford Academy Primary and I have a full time teaching responsibility. I currently teach Year 6 and ensure that they are given a broad and balanced topic curriculum, alongside the core subjects of Maths, English, Science and RE. I like my classroom to be engaging, supportive and a safe place to be. As part of my role for English and Topic, I ensure that staff receive up to date training and are always supported both in and out of the classrooms. It is my passion for all children to love books and, as English lead, I strive to make primary a place where children develop a love of reading. In my role as topic lead, alongside Sarah Hawksworth, we have developed a new, engaging curriculum which allows the whole child to develop and build aspirations. 

My ambitions for our students is that they grow into confident, passionate young people who have dreams and aspirations for a bright future.  I want our students to leave us ready to work and fight for what they believe in and hold strong British values. I hope the children who come to Bradford Academy, leave feeling proud of themselves, their school and their city.

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