Our Curriculum Intent Statement

The curriculum at Bradford Academy is broad, rich and high challenge. We aim to take learners beyond their everyday experience and equip them with the knowledge, skills and character needed to be in control of their world and change it for the better.

It is carefully sequenced to maximise the learning of knowledge with skills. Frequent formative assessment is used to inform teaching but also as a recall tool. Subject areas plan collaboratively to develop ‘subject specific’ pedagogies that enable all learners to experience the best that we can offer. Teachers use methods that are well researched and rooted in sound cognitive science.

Reading is a feature of the curriculum. Learners engage in reading frequently and develop their vocabulary through this.

Developing character is a high priority, we do this in the way that we interact with our learners, how they interact with each other, and how they engage with our curriculum. There are many extra – curricular experiences that learners engage in throughout KS3, 4 and 5. These are designed to allow learners to develop their character and practise their skills.

Staff at all levels across the Academy feel genuinely supported and feel grateful to work in a high-trust environment where they will readily take risks. This impacts on the quality of learning and teaching thus enhancing student learning experiences.

University College London Institute of Education – Platinum Award report

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