Learner Lockers & Belongings

We understand that due to the circumstances some learners will not have taken all of their belongings home.

As normal and in preparation for the new Academic year we will be clearing the lockers and this year we will be sanitising them.

Learners can come and collect their belongings on Wednesday 22nd July between 10am and 14:00pm. Learners will need to come to main reception and they will be escorted to their locker. They will need to bring the key for their lock as we will not be able to break locks.

Any lockers that are not cleared on this day will be emptied and items disposed of.

Any problems or questions regarding this please email info@bradfordacademy.co.uk

Twitter @bradfordacademy

Please see the Academy website or Weduc for a message regarding secondary learner lockers and belongings. Many Thanks BA

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