Message for Parents/Carers of Key Workers

I hope you are doing Ok during these very uncertain times. Our objective is to keep your child safe and looked after whilst you do the valuable frontline work that we thank you for. The government has made it clear that only essential activities must take place during the next three weeks and potentially beyond. For this reason we will need to ensure that the provision is accessed by only those children whose parents/carers are providing key services. We will therefore ask you to provide evidence of a parent/carer being a key worker will need to be provided. This can be: A payslip, a letter on company headed paper, evidence of a contract or an ID badge. No copies will be taken a member of Academy staff will view this and record that it’s been seen. Tomorrow, we will be stationed at a desk to the entrance of Café Mojo so that you can provide this information. Please read carefully the attached document that explains how the provision will work over the next few weeks. The routines described will be in place each day and failure to comply with these regulations will constitute a serious breach of health and safety of both the child and families they are returning to. We would ask that you reinforce the messages at home so that we can continue to operate as virus free as is possible. Please remember that this provision is for children for whom there is no other alternative childcare. This should be your last resort and only used when absolutely necessary. If at all possible, individuals and families should stay at home to prevent the spread of infection. Children should arrive at 8.00am each day through the large green metal gate leading to Café Mojo, as main reception will be closed. Students will be registered by staff in café mojo and provided with breakfast. The gates will be locked at 8.30am prompt. Unfortunately, students will not be able to access the provision if they are late. It is not possible to have the number of staff to monitor arrivals beyond this time. Similarly, the gates will be open from 3.00pm for students to leave or be collected until 4.00pm. All students and staff should be offsite as soon as possible to enable the cleaning team to carry out a deep clean of the areas occupied by staff and students each day.

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Please check for Academy communication before leaving for the Academy tomorrow. Communication will be released by 7am. Many Thanks

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